Battle of Bamber Bridge Memorial

Closed 12 Jan 2022

Opened 5 Jan 2022


We are installing a new community garden on Church Road, Bamber Bridge.

Our intention is to transform the existing grass area in front of Ye Old Hob Inn into an attractive green space in which the existing trees will be complimented by colourful flower beds, brand new benches and a high-quality footpath.

It is hoped the space would, in the future, be able to be used for a variety of community events.

The heart of the garden would also feature a specially-commissioned memorial to commemorate one of the most culturally significant events in the village’s history.

The Battle of Bamber Bridge, on 24 June 1943, is an event of some renown and importance over in the United States.

During the Second World War, local people and British troops united with African American soldiers in defiance of racist segregation in the US Army.

Tensions ultimately led to a violent confrontation between white US Military Police and a number of their black countrymen, resulting in the tragic death of Private William Crossland.

A court martial convicted 32 black soldiers of mutiny and related crimes. However, incidents such as the Battle of Bamber Bridge helped trigger the process of desegregation in the US Army, an important marker on the route to full civil rights for African Americans.

In partnership with we are working with UCLAN and Preston Black History Group to properly acknowledge this highly significant event and celebrate our community’s long and proud history of opposing discrimination and welcoming diversity.

Three designs for the memorial are proposed and we want to have your thoughts. As you move through the survey you will see PDF plans for:

1. A lectern memorial
2. A plinth memorial
3. A rockery memorial

Images are for illustrative purposes only and final approved designs may differ.

We would love to hear what you think.


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