Improvement of Ryden Avenue Toddler Playground, Leyland

Closes 15 Aug 2022

Opened 25 Jul 2022


South Ribble Borough Council are currently improving a number of the
borough’s play areas and this year funds have been allocated to refurbish the toddler playground at Ryden Avenue in Leyland.

The proposed scheme will replace the existing equipment with a range of new toddler items (for ages 2-6) within the existing woodchip area.  Works are also proposed to refresh the existing toddler roadway. 

Ideas for possible new equipment are provided on the following pages.  As well as refurbishing the site's equipment and roadway, it is also proposed to replace the site's aging woodchip pit edging and dog proof boundary fencing.  

Why your views matter

We are inviting the public to help us design the new playground by telling us

  • What you like and don’t like about the existing playground
  • What you think about the suggested types of new equipment
  • What else you think would help improve the playground

Give us your views


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