South Ribble Validation Checklist

Closed 2 Oct 2020

Opened 21 Aug 2020


South Ribble Borough Council has reviewed the ‘Validation Criteria for Planning Applications' document which was adopted in 2016.  Since the last review, there have been a number of legislative changes, and the reviewed document takes these into account.

The document outlines the supporting information required for different types and scales of development, therefore making it clear to all applicants and/or agents what they are expected to submit.  The review of the document will ensure that more applications are valid on submission, removes uncertainty about which documents are relevant or not and assists officers in determining planning applications, resulting in a more efficient and effective service.

The consultation period will run for six weeks from 21 August 2020 until 2 October 2020.

All representations received will be reviewed and taken into account before the document is finalised. A final version of the document, taking into account any changes made following the consultation, will be published for a period of four weeks. Following this, a report will be prepared for Planning Committee, along with a summary of representations received, with a view to seeking their resolution to adopt.

The questionnaire can be completed anonymously. In the instance that you require a receipt we will collect your email address for this purpose and this purpose only. Your email address will not be used for any further purpose. Please see our Privacy Notice for further information. (



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