Jubilee Recreation Ground Enhancement Follow Up

Closed 8 Sep 2023

Opened 11 Aug 2023


A consultation was carried out in May 2023 to gain the views of local residents about the enhancement of Jubilee Rec.  The results of the consultation have revised the initial site masterplan and we are now following up with another consultation to finalise the design.   

Chorley Council have been working for some time now to secure funding to enhance Jubilee Recreation Ground for sport provision.  We have over £400,000 for the site to improve the appearance, functionality and safety for football use and general sports and fitness - please note this funding can't be spent on play or fitness equipment unfortunetly.   

You are invited to have your say about the final design for the Recreation Ground.  Your opinion and ideas about the detailed design of the site will help to make the correct choices for the community and ensure the funding is spent in the best way possible. 

Why your views matter

This is an image of the whole site plan. A more detailed consultation plan is included as you work through the consultation.   Overall Site Draft Masterplan

What happens next

The results of the survey will be used to write a specification that will be sent out to tender for the construction of the new facilities.  It is expected the the works will be starting on site in Winter 2023. 


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