Consultation on the Revocation of Penwortham Air Quality Management Area.

Closed 14 Jun 2023

Opened 24 May 2023


South Ribble Borough Council are currently considering the revocation of the Penwortham Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). The junction of Liverpool Road, Cop Lane and Priory Lane was declared an AQMA in 2005 following the identification of potentially high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, a principle pollutant of car exhaust, in the area.

Monitoring in the area has confirmed that pollutant levels have been consistently below the national objective for some time, with the latest data showing levels at less than half of the objective value. This follows the completion and over a year of operation of both the new Supermarket and by-pass road.

As a result the area no longer meets the criteria for declaration as an AQMA, this improvement is good news for the town and residents.

Why your views matter

The Council are always keen to include the views of local residents and businesses in its decision making.  

What happens next

The content of the responses will be reviewed and will be taken in to account when management make the final decision on whether or not the AQMA is to be revoked.

The responses will be included in the reort to DEFRA, who formally need to agree the revocation. 


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