Leyland Town Deal: Town Centre Transformation

Closed 3 Dec 2021

Opened 11 Nov 2021


Project A: Town Centre Transformation

The Town Centre Transformation project consists of two complementary schemes. The first scheme relates to the redevelopment of a number of town centre sites for mixed use development.   The second scheme includes a range of public realm and sustainable travel proposals. The public realm scheme focuses on the heart of the town centre  including Hough Lane and the market area. The public realm improvements will significantly improve the look and the feel of the town centre.  The improvements aim to encourage footfall and increase the amount of time people spend in the town centre, this will, in turn, help to safeguard town centre jobs, enhance the evening economy and create new job opportunities. The sustainable and active travel proposals relate to new cycle links and cycle facilities within the town centre.  The new strategic cycle routes will connect the key sites and communities to the town centre.


  • South Ribble