Young People’s Questionnaire

Closed 31 May 2021

Opened 15 Feb 2021


We want to support young people to shape the lives they want and for them to become positive, healthy and happy members of their community. We understand that these are difficult times for everyone, and especially young people and we can’t do the things that we normally would do.

So by listening to your views we can try to help a little by:

  • Seeing how you are feeling at the moment and what is frustrating you during this pandemic
  • Putting on activities that YOU want not that we feel you want
  • Finding out what activities you were/are doing before and during the pandemic out of school time
  • Looking at what activities you would like to see out of school, if not available and signpost you to them
  • See what gaps in services that offer activities there are
  • Look at other ways we can support you if activities are not able to take place due to continued restrictions

There’s a large amount of out of school activities for young people across South Ribble but do you know about them, how to get involved and are these activities what you want to get involved in?

This is a questionnaire about you and your views and will be totally confidential. This means that your teachers, parents or anyone else will not see you answers/comments apart from the researchers.

This questionnaire is aimed at young people at between 10 and 16 years +

There are no right or wrong answers to this questionnaire – just your own opinions:

  • Some of the questions will ask you to circle the answer closest to your opinion
  • Other questions may ask you to tick a box
  • Some questions will ask for your opinion so just write what you think in the box provided


  • South Ribble